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Uniform Tracking

Üniforma Takip GGTEK produces RFID tags for use in uniforms, which are an integral part of our security forces. Thanks to the RFID technology in the uniform, other RFID-enabled equipment…
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Gun Tracking

Gun Trackıng For instant and accurate information, which is very important in the country's defense, the tags or labels developed and produced by GGTEK can be used to ensure the…
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Blood Tracking

Blood Trackıng RFID tags are developed and produced within the body of GGTEK, which can be used for vital blood monitoring. After blood collection, RFID tags developed by GGTEK are…
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Carboy Tracking

Carboy Trackıng GGTEK has produced a special label that can be used for carboy tracking and control purposes and can be a complete part of the product during the first…
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Inventory Tracking

Inventory Tracking GGTEK; In addition to access control and personal asset tracking for shoes and boots for professional use, it has developed a special traceability system that can be used…
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RFID Ticket GGTEK offers RFID tickets and cards for public transport applications. In this way, a more efficient and secure fee collection system is provided in public transportation vehicles such…
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Concrete Tag

Concrete Tags Concrete quality can be easily tested thanks to the RFID tag consisting of special material components developed by GGTEK. RFID tags placed on the concrete samples that are…
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Secure Document

SECURE DOCUMENT GGTEK bünyesinde geliştirilen ve farklı uygulama alanlarında, güvenli belge yönetimi için kullanılabilen RFID gömülü güvenli belge ile sahtecilik; gizli veya resmi belgelerin yanlış kullanımı gibi art niyetli girişimler…
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