GGTEK develops RFID products based on the demands from various industries and customers. An experienced R&D team designs new antennas, chooses the appropriate IC’s (chips) and carefully selects high quality materials creating innovative products to meet a wide range of requirements from different customers and industries.

Once the product is developed its production starts with the attachment of the chip on to the antenna. At GGTEK we use high volume, fully automatic flip chip machines. During this assembly process each antenna is checked and tested in order to guarantee a high quality and fully tested output.


Inlays (antenna with chip) can be converted into multiple products. These can be hard RFiD TAGs usually encased in plastic or labels by laminating paper and/or plastic films and adhesives in high volume lamination machines. Again all products are tested by the machines during production to guarantee a high quality product output.

Developed products and fully automatically produced inlays,labels,etc. are being tested with wide range of face and back material types. The most clear and exact results are tried to be obtained by comparing numbers of frequency and other testings.

GGTEK also offers turn-key label solutions with customer specific pre-printing and programming services. Various security features can be added to the RFID products as well such as special printing, embossing, holograms and tamper-resistant features.
GGTEK can also add extra value to your product by personalising them both by printing on to the label or encoding the chip with your specific and unique information ultimately each label can become unique.
There are various other features that can be applied to GGTEK products, for example security features like Holograms, security printing, embossing, tamper resistance features, etc.


Smooth process make life easier for all shareholders. RFID has very important effect and help to make processes easier and smooth.

Another important value which RFID can add your process is high security. GGTEK, has very important and powerful background for high security applications. We give importance not only quality but also high security as well.

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