RFID Gun Tracking

For instant and accurate information, which is very important in the country’s defense, the tags or labels developed and produced by GGTEK can be used to ensure the identification and tracking of the movement cycles of weapons and other military inventory used.

It can be automatically matched to users with special equipment for more accurate, automated control and inventory tracking.

The tracking of the weapons can be made easily by using RFID tags / tags that can be placed on the weapons later or during the production phase. The information received from the RFID tags on the uniforms, boots, and weapons of the personnel receiving the weapons can be recorded in the database and matched with the weapons delivered.

Transportation and delivery processes of weapons belonging to security forces can also be determined and tracked centrally.

RFID tags  can keep maintenance records as well as permanent weapon tracking records in order to provide more efficient security operations with RFID readers integrated in software systems.

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