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Gelişmiş Güvenlik Teknolojileri

GGTEK factory and staff have the capability to develop and test both standard products or new products according to our customer’s requirements. GGTEK Laboratories and installed High Volume production equipment have the flexibility to be adapted to different products and production volumes in order to respond to our customers’ requirements.

GGTEK is the RFiD supplier with the know-how and capability to successfully produce standard products or develop specific products sometimes for very challenging applications. We are located in Hacettepe Technocity which is one of the best known technology area in Turkey.

About Us
As GGTEK, our main goal in our products is to produce in line with customer targets in the most appropriate way within the quality standards of our company. For this, our services are provided by our laboratories and test centers; We strive to have maximum quality from end to end at every stage from development to production.
To carry its leading position in the national market to the international arena with its high-performance, high-tech products.
GGTEK high process production facilities are for products that have been tested in all production processes, whether standard or very original.

What We Achieved

GGTEK is the leading domestic and national brand of the sector.
Export Country


Export Country
Succesfull Projects


Succesfull Projects
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Happy Customers